Project Management: Basics (English)

Course objectivs

In an orchestrated change between self-study and teaching conversation as well as group work the participants learn the two formative competences of a Project Manager. Knowledge competence: the participants understand the various project management topics and are able to comprehend and explain correlations. The topics base on the IPMA Competence Baseline (International Project Management Association, swiss.ICB4).

Acting competence: the participants are able applying the knowledge acquired to solve problems in practice. Acting competence will be obtained by processing of a case study which is discussed and carried out during the days of attendance. The course has consciously a practice-oriented character and will guarantee a direct theory-practice transfer in order to exercise activity orientation.

The training will be finished by a final test and orientates itself at the international IPMA certification. In this way, the participants learn where they stand regarding certification maturity and certification level. In an individual conversation with the course instructor, the participants receive improvement notes as well as reference points to develop potential capacity.

With appropriate previous knowledge and qualifications, IPMA level B or C can also be obtained. The course instuctor will remain at your disposal for further information.

Course contents

  • Introduction into Project Management (Basics)
  • Methods of problem solution
  • Stakeholder and their influence on projects
  • Project initialization and project organisation
  • Project planning and project controlling
  • Project marketing and project completion
  • Risk management and project leadership
  • Final test and personal feedback with the course instructor
Demands None
Duration 5 days, 40 lessons, including homework accompanied by the course instructor
Literature AGORA teaching material: "Managing of Projects - a competence oriented approach. A compact overview"
Course instructor Gennaro Quagliarelli, Senior Project Manager and Coach

Individual price for participants outside the overall program: CHF 1750 (basic course) + 700 (2 days examination preparation see there) + examination fees, charged directly by the Association for the Certification of Persons in Management (VZPM).